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Site Surveys and Audits

All organisations are currently experiencing significant energy price increases and this, to a large extent, is outside of their control. However, organisations can take control of their energy consumptions by pro-active energy management. One of the first steps in taking control is to understand the energy use within their premises by undertaking a site survey and audit. This will achieve a number of things:

  • A complete understanding of energy costs across all utility types. This information can be recovered from copy utility bills showing consumptions and tariff details. Premises can then be benchmarked against industry standard performance indicators to assess each building’s relative energy performance.
  • A complete understanding of building energy consumptions across all utility types. This will involve an awareness of all the energy consuming equipment on site and their control strategies, leading to an understanding of energy flows through the building.
  • Identification of energy-saving opportunities, implementation costs and payback periods. Depending on the level of energy survey commissioned, this may only identify areas of potential energy cost savings, with more specific work required in certain areas.

The conclusion naturally results in a report outlining the building, current energy management practices, energy costs and consumptions, benchmark results, observations on all energy-consuming equipment and controls. Recommendations on energy savings will be made, showing energy and CO2 emissions savings, estimated implementation costs and payback periods.

It is important that organisations have an implementation plan to follow through with the savings identified, as too often survey reports are left to gather dust! More details on the different types and levels of survey can be provided on request.

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